Cold weather? No problem.

I know how important it is to parents to be able to capture memories of their family, but also not make their littles suffer too long in the cold. I absolutely love shooting outdoors, but having the venue space as a blank canvas for any type of session is just what I wanted in my back pocket! Hailey was due with baby girl #3 in January, which is such a cold time of year (usually... I know we've been blessed with high 50's lately!) Her girls showed up in pink fur coats, but nobody was quivering their chins for these stunning family portraits.

The venue offers 360 degrees of natural lighting, which is the only way I prefer to shoot. White walls added a touch of simplicity, but the 25 foot windows also added a sense of drama which went perfectly with Haileys fire red hair and gorgeous black gown.

This was also a great opportunity for the girls to run around and get some energy out while I focused on portraits of mama, and then mom + dad together. The girls were sure to hop into shots whenever they wanted, which was encouraged whenever. Ha! You never know how kids will act during photo shoots, but I've learned to embrace the chaos, the bribes, and the energy that comes along with it. I have grown so fond of families, kids, and babies. No session is the same and capturing their personalities (especially the sass) is the fun part of my job!

We did, however, embrace the cold for a few minutes at the very end. I can't help but LOVE that natural glow on tall grasses... I'm sorry, I'm from Missouri and it's what we have to work with and I'm absolutely obsessed. I remember my brother wanting to maintain the grasses on the property and I told him wild grasses are to be left alone! You can see why... *heart eyes*