You said "YES!" Now what?

Hiring a wedding photographer is a huge decision. It's more than just hiring someone to capture pretty pictures throughout the day, it's putting your full trust into someone to capture YOUR entire story of the day from start to finish. I have been apart of countless weddings from Event Management, Coordinating, as well as Photography. When I get a moment to put the camera down, you better believe I'm pinning boutonnieres, breaking out safety pins for someones dress, or lining you up for your ceremony before I head down the aisle to catch your grooms reaction. I like to consider myself not only your photographer, but your right-hand person to be on the look out for perfection at all times.

When booking a wedding with HBP, the first thing we will do is schedule your engagement photos. This is the perfect opportunity for us to get together and hang out, dance around the fields, and crack corny jokes. It is so important to meet way before the wedding + build a relationship with each of my clients. Your wedding day isn't "work" to me, but a celebration as I've come to know you both + truly capture your love.

Leading up to the wedding, I will check in with you a few times to ensure you're not panicking over anything.